Vol 22 No 2 (2019)

Published: 2019-07-31

The issue includes a Special Section on the legacy of Jeremy Safran.
Guest Editors: Vittorio Lingiardi, Daniela Gentile

Why did she leave? Development of working alliance in a case of psychotherapy for depression

Petr Doležal, Michal Čevelíček, Tomáš Řiháček, Jan Roubal, Roman Hytych, Lucia Ukropová

Trajectories of alliance ruptures in the psychotherapy of adolescents with borderline personality pathology: timing, typology and significance

Nathalie Schenk, Ronan Zimmermann, Lukas Fürer, Mariane Krause, Sindy Weise, Michael Kaess, Susanne Schlüter-Müller, Klaus Schmeck

Is it possible to improve early childhood development with a video-feedback intervention directed at the mother-father-child triad?

Marcia Olhaberry, María José León, Catalina Sieverson, Marta Escobar, Daniela Iribarren, Irma Morales-Reyes, Constanza Mena, Fanny Leyton

Hikikomori silent epidemic: a case study

Ante Silić, Jakša Vukojević, Ilaria Čulo, Hrvoje Falak