Autostima, metarimuginio, perfezionismo, responsabilità e rimuginio nei disturbi alimentari

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Sandra Sassaroli *
Sara Bertelli
Francesca Fiore
Luca Boccalari
Gianluigi Luxardi
Silvio Scarone
Patrizia Todisco
Giovanni Maria Ruggiero
(*) Corresponding Author:
Sandra Sassaroli |


AIM: pathological perfectionism and low self-esteem are the cognitive factors involved in eating disorders (ED). This study aims to explore the role played by other cognitive factors like inflated responsibility, worry, meta-worry in the development of ED. METHODS: The study tested the predictive power of the above mentioned cognitive factors in a sample of individualks affected by ED and normal controls using self-report instruments and implementing hierachical regression and MANOVA. RESULTS: Responsibility, worry and meta-worry were higher in individuals with ED than in controls. However, their preddictive power was not significant when controlling for perfectionsim and low self-esteem.

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