CALL FOR PAPERS RIPPPO SPECIAL ISSUE - "Working on dreams, from psychotherapy to neuroscience"

Guest Editors: Guido Giovanardi1 & Patricia Spangler2
1Department of Dynamic and Clinical Psychology, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy.
2Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress, Department of Psychiatry, Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD, USA.

Dreams have been studied from different perspectives: psychoanalysis, neurosciences, and academic psychology. Their investigation still arouses great interest in the scientific community; the opinions that dreams play an important role in processing emotion, elaborating stressful experiences and psychic conflicts are broadly shared. Dreams also have an effect on subsequent waking life (e.g., daytime mood and creativity). Dreamwork is still common in contemporary psychotherapy and there is extensive literature on case reports, which demonstrate that dreams may help clients/patients gaining insights and awareness about their functioning. Moreover, some studies have investigated dreams’ content after traumatic events (e.g. earthquakes, terrorist attacks, pandemics), exploring dreaming as a collective phenomenon. Specifically stressing intervention implications, we invite authors with high expertise in the field as well as their trainees, doctoral and postdoctoral fellows, to propose papers (both qualitative and quantitative research) that address topics about:
1. Dreamwork in psychotherapy: case reports, theoretical articles, or reviews on their function in the therapeutic process and/or outcome.
2. Psychological aspects of dreaming, which can include historical, theoretical, and methodological reviews.
3. Clinical or neuroscience-based studies on dreams. Findings on the state of the art or novel clinical, psychopathological, or neuro-scientific outcomes are welcome.
4. Dreams and waking life, studies on continuity/discontinuity.
5. Dreaming during COVID-19 emergency and the lockdowns: research on the content, frequency, and emotions in dreams during the current pandemics.
6. Dreams in the developmental age: studies on dreams of children and adolescents are welcome, including historical, theoretical, and methodological reviews.

Manuscripts have to comply with general RIPPPO editorial rules (see guide for authors at ). To apply in this Special issue, submit to RIPPPO website ( ), a file with paper title, author(s) with affiliation(s), 3-5 keywords, corresponding author's address, email, and phone number, and a 250 words structured abstract (introduction, methods, results, discussion). Please specify: "Working on dreams, from neuroscience to psychotherapy".

Call for abstract: 15th JANUARY 2021
Acceptance communication: 1st FEBRUARY 2021
Paper submission within: 15th MARCH 2021
Paper acceptance: 30th JUNE 2021
Fee payment: 15th JULY 2021
Scheduled publication: 20th AUGUST 2021